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Customer Q&A

Find the Answers to All of Your Doughboy Questions

Doughboy Pools Customer Q&A

Do you have a question or need maintenance and installation help? Look no further. Click on a question to view our informative videos below.

Why Doughboy is the right choice for you?

What should I choose, steel or resin?

What makes Doughboy the best in the industry?

Are Doughboy pool walls as strong as their frames?

What makes Doughboy pool frames stronger than the rest?

Can a Doughboy pool really be installed inground?

How can you give a 100% lifetime warranty on all liner seams?

How can I find a dealer near me?

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Does Doughboy offer pumps, filters and vacuums so I can purchase a complete pool care system from the same manufacturer?

How long does it take to install a Doughboy pool?

How do I install a round Doughboy pool?

How do I install an oval Doughboy pool?

How do I install a recessed Doughboy pool?

How do I install in-wall steps?

Can I install my Doughboy pool? And if so where can I find installation instructions?

Where can I buy parts fo my Doughboy pool?

How do I get pricing for Doughboy products?

What do I need to know about my pool pump?

I purchased a Doughboy Ultra Vac to assist in the maintenance of my pool. How efficiently does it work, and how do I connect it to the pool?

I purchased a used Doughboy pool, but I can’t find the owners manuals and installation instructions. It’s an older model, where can I find this information?

There are several positions on my filter, how do I work it?

How long will my Doughboy pool last?

How long should the pump and filter run on my pool each day?

Can I have a deep swimming area in my Doughboy pool?

How difficult is it to maintain a Doughboy pool?

We are moving and want to take our pool with us. Can we disassemble our pool wall and frame and can the liner be reused?

How can FROG’s mineral water help destroy bacteria and cut my chlorine usage in half?


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